Who We Are

GamerNZ is a New Zealand company that hosts and runs server.
We mainly run/host game server and we do this for indvidual looking for there own server and we also run our own GamerNZ branded severs. 


What We Do

Our goals are to host cheap "game" servers for individuals and also make a community of gamers to enjoy these servers
currently, we are able to host a large range of servers for games so there is a high chance that what you are looking for we can provide. The cost of these "Servers" varies from game to game as different games require more or less power and this affects how many we can host and the price we price servers on a case to case basis as most servers are very different to achieve a fair pricing system we first give a rough estimate of what we believe the price will be and if the client goes ahead with it we make the server and run it through programs to determine exactly how much system power it uses we then base our price off that. 
this is done as many different games offer mods and other add-ons and these greatly increase the performance/power required to run them this is why we don't offer a set price on any server but we do allow mods and any other server customisation to be done and are happy to suit anyone requirements.